Hubei Mozhusang village landscape planning and design scheme

Mozhusang Village project, adjacent to the Ming Mausoleum, has rich hydrological resources. The difficulty of this case is that it is not only a simple landscape project, but also involves more planning, architecture, interpretation sets, and various forms of overall design.

The theme revolves around ancient Chu culture, Mochou female culture and farming culture.
Comprehensive terrain trend, low-lying water into canglang lake, forming a long revegetation line, revegetation design and water ecology combined, and in different areas of the shoreline with willow shade, peach forest, snow and other theme barge quays. In terms of the way to play in the park, the combination of human action line and ship action line is considered. In the form of deductive interaction along the line, people can participate in the landscape and experience the heavy history and culture in a relaxed way.
Along the lake to create nine views of Canglang - longevity secret, peach blossom in spring, another cave, snow village, riverside family, home to the garden, Sun gate, white snow reflecting the moon, mountain snow flying. And Canglang Lake, there are peach blossom Island, Ling tea Island, nine Shentai and other islands. The largest island has an unpowered playground, positioning the venue as a children's playground that combines education with fun.
In combination with the ancient method at the entrance, the water storage dam is integrated with the corridor bridge, and the function and landscape are taken into account. Leaning on the bridge and looking, you can faintly see pavilions on the broad lake, the secret of longevity.
On the south bank of Canglang Lake, on the basis of the first phase of the building of Mochou Village, the pavilions in the form of wooden structures are integrated to create a picture of the riverside family corridor.
In history, the ancient Chu people were still fire and good dance, Mo female entered the palace because of good music, and the White Snow Tower was once four famous buildings, but these have been submerged in the long river of history, only from the ancient classics know one or two records. On the north bank of the lake, at the highest point of the site, reference to ancient books to build a white snow stone village, under the stone village there are deep caves wrapped by peach forests, and there is a phoenix pool in the hole, which is a place for Mo women to dance. The east and west sides of the stone Zhaizi have Taolin Valley, as well as rice fields and tea mountains, Mochou's former residence.

Project address: Zhongxiang City, Hubei Province

Client: Zhong Xiang Wanxi Cultural Tourism Development Co., LTD

Landscape Design: XJ Design Agency

Design date: April 2022

Completion time: Under construction

Project size: 105,000 ㎡