Created for unique scene memory

XJ DesignAgency is a cross-disciplinary design consulting company founded by Mr. Yang Can in 2021, with its headquarters located in Chongqing.

XJ specializes in various design disciplines, including landscape, planning, architecture, interior design, scene planning, and installation art. The core philosophy of Xiangjie is to construct human living spaces through interdisciplinary collaborative practices. The agency has in-depth understanding and practical experience in urban public spaces, resorts, and tourism, among other areas. Through collaboration with owners from different backgrounds, such as government agencies, developers, and academic institutions, Xiangjie strives to provide locally tailored solutions that bring about economic, social, and ecological benefits.

At XJ, local culture and timelines have always been a focus. Every member adheres to the principle of "creating for unique scene memories," actively shaping the appearance of spaces and continuously innovating throughout the design process.

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