Chongqing creative Park green corridor renovation

In 2014, Chongqing Creative Park began to operate, but Qingning Road on the south side has been abandoned since the construction of the park, splitting the connection between the south and north sides of the park. This rapidly developing and diversified industrial park has occupied 70% of the advertising and creative enterprises. Now, with the opening of the fourth phase of the industrial park, more and more people are pouring into this community. Chongqing's climate change and heat island effect are very visible, with higher daytime and nighttime temperatures, less precipitation, more extreme weather events in summer, lack of vegetation cover on asphalt roads, and lack of basic services. Together with the Enterprise Park, the design team will transform the 350m road, reconnecting the intersecting park and providing more public space for the city's residents to improve physical and mental health and increase community vitality.

Rainwater enters the bioretention zone through concrete steps on both sides of the road, and the gravel, water-resistant wet plants, soil and microbial systems purify runoff stormwater so that 100% of the stormwater is captured and stored in the landscape. Interventions through soft landscapes can also help mitigate the heat island effect, with the design significantly enhancing the canopy coverage and providing shelter for leisure Spaces. The diversity of plants not only ADAPTS to the climate, but also plays a role in cooling adjacent roads, making the park a more attractive destination in the summer months.
The project dedicates the entire pedestrian space of the block to a community park and provides a space for exercise and recreation, including fitness facilities to support multiple needs, a variety of leisure facilities and public art installations to promote a healthy lifestyle and create a place for residents to meet, socialize, learn and explore. More importantly, the project also reconnects the park on both sides of the municipal road, providing a continuous path for residents. Today, the neighborhood is full of people's laughter, and the community is full of new vitality.

Project address: Chongqing City

Client: Chongqing Daily Newspaper Group Industry Co., LTD

Landscape Design: XJ Design Agency

Design date: 2021

Completion date: September 2022

Project size: 12,800 ㎡